Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator


Geneva, March 5, 2024 

XPRIZE, Google and GESDA have joined forces to launch a competition on the sidelines of Open Quantum Institute’s operational startup at CERN in Geneva. 

The XPRIZE Quantum Applications is a 3-year, US$5 million global competition to apply quantum computing to accelerate quantum applications that address global challenges.

It aims to develop quantum computing algorithms that accelerate the search for solutions to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. 

Competing teams will propose and analyze the viability of quantum computer applications that address complex societal problems. The prize money will reward teams that submit the best projects.

For example, applications might be devised to predict the activity and safety of drug molecules in the human body or to lead to more accurate modeling of new battery designs or fusion reactors. 

The Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator Foundation is proud to join with XPRIZE and Google in launching a global prize that is designed to generate quantum computing algorithms that can be put into practice to help solve real-world challenges such as those outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,” said Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, the Chairman of the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA). 

“The prize aligns perfectly with the Open Quantum Institute (OQI), a science diplomacy solution that was born at GESDA, hosted at CERN, and supported by UBS to ensure that quantum computing will be put to use in ways that benefit everyone,” he said. 

Discussions between XPRIZE and GESDA prompted the competition, which also has received decisive support from Google, the title sponsor. It is being launched at the same time as the OQI, which was created by GESDA and is now part of CERN. 

The OQI is a global platform for the application of solutions generated by quantum computers, mainly to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015. The SDGs are the world’s only commonly accepted blueprint for universal peace and prosperity. 

One of a family of competitive prizes

Quantum technologies are paving the way for emerging markets and industries and are expected to unleash considerable economic potential. Quantum advances are estimated to contribute US$850 billion to the global economy by 2040. 

GESDA’s aim is to ensure that as many people as possible will benefit from the immense possibilities offered by this technology. 

Researchers interested in taking part in the competition launched by XPRIZE with the support of Google and GESDA can find out more about the conditions of participation and register on the XPRIZE web page.  

The range of possibilities is broad. The key to participation is to propose quantum algorithms and applications that serve the public good in fields such as drug discovery, industrial chemistry and sustainable technologies. 

XPRIZE is a California-based company that designs and manages large-scale competitions open to technical and scientific teams, with the aim of encouraging new technological developments likely to bring “radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity”. It is looking to expand in Europe, with projects in Scotland and Geneva in particular. 

In all, XPRIZE has launched 29 prizes in as many years and its competitions have collectively launched over US$500 million in aggregate prizes. 

Those have involved around 10,000 innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs who seek to solve global challenges. 

Watch the XPRIZE Quantum Applications | Google Quantum AI YouTube video here.