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This initiative has been accompanied by GESDA since its inception.

I-DAIR stands for International Digital Health and AI Research Collaborative. It intends to implement the recommendations of the UN Secretary General High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation through the establishment of an international science-driven initiative on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for health building upon concrete use-cases (pathfinder projects).

It describes itself as “a global platform to enable inclusive, impactful, and responsible research into digital health and AI for health. It is being co-created with a diverse range of stakeholders from the public, private, and academic sectors.”

The incubation is led by Ambassador Amandeep Gill, former co-Director of the panel, and located at The Graduate Institute in Geneva. I-DAIR has been accompanied by GESDA since its inception, through the organization of high-level scientific consultations and a thorough review process. The review process was chaired by Board Member Matthias Egger as Review Committee Chair and involved 15 international experts from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, selected based on their expertise in digital health and AI for health as well as knowledge in specific fields covered by the pathfinder projects. The review highlighted the potential and global relevance of the initiative and provided recommendations for its future development.

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