Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator

Founders and partners

Co-founded by two governmental entities at the Swiss federal and regional levels, GESDA is honored to be supported by public-private partnerships and philanthropic donations to unfold its full potential and deliver results.

The Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA) was founded jointly by the Swiss government and the Geneva cantonal government in close collaboration with the City of Geneva out of a belief that scientific and technological progress – if properly anticipated, shared and managed – can bring significant value to the international community. The goal is to build bridges between science and diplomacy in order to deliver greater impact and enhance multilateral effectiveness in addressing global challenges.

Although seed funding was provided by the Swiss Confederation and the Geneva cantonal and city governments, GESDA is an independent, not-for-profit organization that funds its own activities through public-private partnerships. The seed funding we received was fully matched by philanthropic donations.




To keep our communities informed of the latest developments in anticipatory science and technology frontier issues, a partnership has been established with Geneva Solutions, a not-for-profit news platform dedicated to the coverage of International Geneva activities. Every week, Geneva Solutions’ newsletter “GSnews Daily Brief” publishes a selection of articles taken from GESDA’s Best Reads, a weekly review from the worldwide press, websites, blogs and reports. And every month, Geneva Solutions publishes an interview with, or an Op-Ed by, a high-level actor of the GESDA community.

Geneva Solutions

We are currently in talks with various academic, diplomatic, philanthropic and press organizations about potential partnerships. More information will be provided as soon as those partnerships are formalized.