Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator

The Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA) Foundation publishes the proceedings of its second Summit which took place from 12 to 14 October 2022 in Geneva. The written proceedings of the sessions allow to make the best use of the content presented and debated during this edition of the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipation Summit. These proceedings complement the video recordings of all sessions already available to the public. (

Through its second Summit, GESDA has consolidated its status as a new force for global multilateral action based on anticipatory science and diplomacy. This year’s hybrid event expanded participation from all GESDA collaborative tracks – including a first high-level policy assessment and a youth cohort.

The four primary objectives were to provide an annual update of the GESDA Science Breakthrough Radar® produced in partnership with the Foundation for Geneva; to present GESDA’s pipeline of solution ideas, prototypes of possible pathways to accelerate the beneficial use of emerging science and technology trends for humanity ; gain a preliminary assessment by political authorities on whether and how these actions could be politically endorsed and set in motion at the global diplomatic level; and start to develop innovative impact financing instruments that can provide the resources needed to implement GESDA initiatives.

The GESDA Summit drew a diverse crowd from five continents and four communities: academic, civic, diplomatic and business. Its 1,267 participants marked a 40% increase over the 900+ attendees at the inaugural 2021 Summit, allowing for a rich, diverse and inclusive exchange of knowledge, ideas and perspectives. In total, 152 speakers from 46 nations on five continents, 55% male and 45% female, and a cohort of 12 youth contributed to 21 sessions over three days.

The digital version of the proceedings of the 2022 Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipation Summit (Link to the page) include full video recordings of GESDA 2022 Summit speeches and sessions, hyperlinks to external information indicated in the texts by underlined words, interviews with GESDA Summit speakers and participants at the dedicated TV booth, twitter feeds produced during the sessions, as well as material related to GESDA’s announcement during the Summit (press releases, images, etc).