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The 2020-2030 Decade of Healthy Ageing: a new UN-wide initiative // 14.12.2020, WHO
“This in initiative  spells out a multi-stakeholder, whole-of-society approach across the world to improve the lives of older people in a holistic and comprehensive manner”, says Chorh Chuan Tan.

Toward clinical digital phenotyping: a timely opportunity to consider purpose, quality, and safety // 06.09.2019, Nature
“There is growing research interest in using data generated passively by personal electronic devices to provide insights into human health and disease. This is particularly important for areas such as mental health and psychiatric illness where there is a lack of more objective measures of improvement or deterioration. If continuous quantitation using patients’ own devices could produce digital markers that are useful in improving diagnosis and assessment of patients, this could in turn lead to more targeted treatments and better clinical monitoring. This review paper discusses opportunities to accelerate and scale the application and clinical impact of digital phenotyping.”

Artificial intelligence in health care: the hope, the hype, the promise, the peril (REPORT) // 2019, The National Academy of Sciences
This report includes: “Lessons learned from other industries; how massive amounts of data from a variety of sources can be appropriately analyzed and integrated into clinical care; how innovations can be used to facilitate population health models and social determinants of health interventions; the opportunities to equitably and inclusively advance precision medicine; the applicability for health care organizations and businesses to reduce the cost of care delivery; opportunities to enhance interactions between health care professionals and patients, families, and caregivers; and the role of legal statutes that inform the uptake of AI in health care” (as stated in the introduction).