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An Open Quantum Institute (OQI) for whom? to do what? with whom? These are some of the questions asked by the GESDA Foundation which proposes that quantum computing be made available to the greatest number of people to find positive solutions to the great challenges of the planet.

GESDA launches this survey to refine its OQI project which must serve the interests of the international community at large and the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN.

See here the Report of GESDA’s preliminary exploratory work on quantum for SDG use cases done in collaboration with the SDG Lab.

People who are part of the GESDA communities, but also anyone interested in technology development and implementation are invited to participate in this survey.

The OQI is the first concrete project proposed by GESDA. This proposal is derived from the Science Breaktrough Radar. It has matured during 18 months of exchanges between the academic, diplomatic, and impact communities. This idea was also discussed at the last GESDA Summit in October.

The survey, which is open until December 12, 2022, will allow us to collect elements to consolidate the project design before moving to its implementation next spring.