Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator

Podcast interview of Sandro Giuliani, Executive Director Impact Fund and Impact Forum at GESDA

GESDA Executive Director of the Impact Fund and Forum Sandro Giuliani discusses future scientific breakthroughs and international development.

Sandro Giuliani notes that the world is experiencing breakthrough scientific discoveries at an unprecedented pace. He asks: If we can anticipate these emerging technologies, can we then unlock their potential to improve our world for the benefit of society?

The Executive Director explains how he will be looking at creating an impact fund focused on enabling the development and testing of these technologies and solutions. He will be developing key alliances with the right partners in philanthropy, the corporate world and beyond.

Sandro Giuliani’s key takeaway: Ask the question about anticipation and embrace it. What is science able to do in 5 to 10 years and how are we now anticipating solutions. Anticipatory thinking can be quite transformative. He invites everyone to ask what an anticipatory approach can bring to the work one is doing.

Photo credit © Davolo Steiner