Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator

16-20 May 2022

Open Forum

Learn more about Open Forum events targeted at the expert-level and the interested public.


The pilot edition of the Open Forum of the Science Diplomacy Week 2022 provided an entry point into the rapidly evolving practice and research of science diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland and the world. The Open Forum focused on cutting-edge programme experiences and research findings on science diplomacy to expand the empirical dimensions of this domain of practice and investigation. It also featured key upcoming trends and areas of innovation in order to contribute to adaptation of diplomacy, multilateral governance, academia and business in the face of the coming decades of systemic change.

The Open Forum featured around 30 events in different venues in International Geneva, including the Palais des Nations, The Maison de la Paix, Campus Biotech and other locations. The primary target community for the Open Forum are expert-level participants working on science diplomacy for government, international organization, the private sector and academia as well as the new generation of young professionals and students working on issues related to science diplomacy. Attendance of the Open Forum was free of charge and registrations opened in spring 2022.

The Open Forum is organized as a collective impact process that is facilitated by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and GESDA on behalf of the Members of the the Geneva Coalition on Anticipatory Science and Diplomacy. The aim of this collective approach is to mobilise the joint footprint of compentences on Science Diplomacy in view of ‘feeling the pulse’ of science diplomacy. The collective approach also aims to nurture collaboration and partnership between Coalition Members and other interested partners to stimulate science diplomacy practice and research.

For the pilot edition of the SDW Open Forum, submissions of interactive events and digital products were limited to Members of the Geneva Coalition of Anticipatory Science & Diplomacy and their partners. In case you are interested to learn more about possibilities about how to participate in the Open Forum of Science Diplomacy Week, please contact the organizers at

The full programme of the inaugural Science Diplomacy Week’s Open Forum 2022 is available for download here.


Photo credit: UNITAR